nerd in class.

He talked about creation. 

He said evolution was rubbish.

He mentioned DNA and amino acids and experiments but he didn’t believe them.

He explained the orchestra. 

He plays violin, he said. 

He described the heart making “bulabog” your chest in a rock concert.

He marveled at the concept of nerve repair and rehabilitation sciences. 

He dismissed his awe quickly and redirected to God and simply, miracles. 

He read his lecture slides. 

He narrated Skinner and Pavlov experiments. 

He talked about the brilliant minds of his colleagues. 

He mathematically illustrated sound, soft and loud. 

He knew a little French. 

He knew a lot of geography.

He said Kiwi as in New Zealander.

He spoke so many things irrelevant to his lecture. His stories were all over the place. And so were my thoughts. He told something and my mind followed. 

I haven’t enjoyed a lecture this much in a long long time, thank you. 


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